Drawing Down Divine

A Creative, Meditative Soul Pilgrimage

You are invited to come on a visionary, meditative journey. A quest to explore realms that hold wonder and wisdom, of the deepest truths and highest insight. There is no work that offers greater gifts than delving into the Inner Landscape, seeking out the paths and jungles, the temples and castles, the creatures and constellations that invite remembrance of the soul’s truth.
48 hours over 24 classes

Each week in Drawing Down Divine, trace the map of your own personal Inner Landscape, intuitively and creatively following the Hera’s Journey through meditation, collage, and working with intuitive tools. Rest under the Willow Tree of the Inner Child. Enter the tomb of the Ancestors. Confront the Adaptive Architects. And dance with the Inner Divine Masculine under the moonlight.

Embark on the quest to the Inner Landscape of Personal Wisdom.

Class 1: Setting the Map
Class 2: The Willow Tree
Class 3: The Tomb of the Ancestors
Class 4: The Observatory
Class 5: The Call to Adventure
Class 6: Denial of the Call

Class 7: The Prima Materia
Class 8: The River Boat
Class 9: Salmon: Seeking the Depths
Class 10: Entering the Woods
Class 11: Wolf: The Comfort of Fur
Class 12: Soaring in the Slipstreams

Class 13: Owl: Seeing in the Dark
Class 14: The Judgment Balloon
Class 15: Entering the Castle
Class 16: The Banquet Table
Class 17: Moonlight in the Garden
Class 18: Planting the Garden

Class 19: The Fair Folk
Class 20: Entering the Temple
Class 21: Dancing with the Other
Class 22: Magic Flight
Class 23: Feast in the Grove
Class 24: Song of the Spirit Self

Workbook pages with be distributed in each class for the creation of your own personal workbook.

What Past Participants Have to Say:

Tiffany, this course changed my life!  How wonderful to be able to go on a soul pilgrimage without even having to leave your home.  Although it was a long journey, every step was crucial in my healing – from loss of Self to rediscovering the joyous person that I knew was the true me.  Through your insight and guidance, as well as the unfaltering support of the group, I felt safe enough to look at my Shadow and release long-held beliefs that were blocking me from living an awakened life.  I have found a renewed confidence that continually gives me a clear focus regarding my goals and the courage to pursue them.  I am so grateful to you for this offering and for your insight, mentorship and guidance.” (JV, Toronto)

This is an exceptional personal experience crafted by the deeply mystic-equipped Spiritual Psychotherapist and Spiritual Director Tiffany Lazic – one that is steeped in symbology, mythology and archetypal energies, all the things needed to venture out on one’s pursuit and discovery of personal myth and soul expression.

A unique combination of facilitated learning and hands-on experiential creative expression, Drawing Down the Divine will take the participants deep into their own inner soul landscapes to inspire unique self-discovery and fresh personal empowerment as they craft a personal mythic vision of one’s higher self, in a grounded and embodied life experience.

Tiffany gently leads the participants into mythic reflections, guiding them through active imaginal journeys to soul, where they can interact with and discover their own unique wisdom and creative expression through symbol and archetype.  In these meditative journeys, one is inspired to create a visual panorama of their inner experience through collage and word.  The result is a personal ‘map’ of soul and its message to self, to live a fully expressed life of meaning.

This 24-week journey is a tremendous gift to self, an adventure worth undertaking.  Each of us has deep majesty within awaiting its discovery and sovereign embrace.  Drawing Down the Divine will introduce you to the highest and best facets of your Self with mythic, mystic, substance as you meet the Divine in deep and graceful measure.  Highly recommended!” (CL, Waterloo)

2022 – 2023 Schedule

Tuesdays 10 am – 12:00 pm EST
(3:00 – 5:00 pm BST in Wales)
Starting September 20, 2022 – March 28, 2023
No class October 4, 11, December 27, 2022 or January 3, 2023

Register early! Course is limited to 8 participants to maximize individual experience
Zoom Registration: https://tinyurl.com/drawingdowndivine

Drawing Down Divine

A meditative journey to explore the inner landscape of the soul through art, symbol, oracles, and collage. (Please note, price is in US dollars and covers the full cost for all 24 classes – about $16/class)


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