Seeking Sacred Source

The Creative, Meditative Soul Pilgrimage continues…

Similar to each week’s inner exploration in Drawing Down Divine, Seeking Sacred Source invites the tracing of your own personal Inner Landscape, but this time the focus is different. Drawing Down Divine activates the aspect of the Alchemical Axion that reflects “as above, so below”. Seeking Sacred Source activates “as within, so without” Follow the ancient and eternal journey of Osiris as he moves from dusk to dawn, meeting the challenge the awaits at each of 12 hours and see that journey from challenge to victory reflected in your own process as you move into your own New Dawn.

Embark on the quest through the Great Mystery to your own Sacred Source.

Class 1: The First Hour: Challenge (Crossing the Threshold into the Unknown)
Class 2: The First Hour: Passage (Goddess: She who Smashes)
Class 3: The Second Hour: Challenge (Entering the Unknown Waters)
Class 4: The Second Hour: Passage (Goddess: Wise One Who Protects)
Class 5: The Third Hour: Challenge (Encountering Other Boats on the Waters)
Class 6: The Third Hour: Passage (Goddess: She Who Cuts the Cord)
Class 7: The Fourth Hour: Challenge (Meeting the Legged and Winged Snakes)
Class 8: The Fourth Hour: Passage (Goddess: She Who Is Great in Her Power)
Class 9: The Fifth Hour: Challenge (The Confrontation of the Birds)
Class 10: The Fifth Hour: Passage (Goddess: She Who Guides)
Class 11: The Sixth Hour: Challenge (Encountering the Scarab)
Class 12: The Sixth Hour: Passage (Goddess: Lady of the True Sanctuary)
Class 13: The Seventh Hour: Challenge (The Judgement of Apophis )
Class 14: The Seventh Hour: Passage (Goddess: Repelling the Evil One)
Class 15: The Eight Hour: Challenge (Sun God Clothes)
Class 16: The Eight Hour: Passage (Goddess: Mistress of the Dark Night)
Class 17: The Ninth Hour: Challenge (Distance from Those Who Would Judge)
Class 18: The Ninth Hour: Passage (Goddess: She Who Adores and Protects)
Class 19: The Tenth Hour: Challenge (The Lake of the Drowned)
Class 20: The Tenth Hour: Passage (Goddess: The Furious One)
Class 21: The Eleventh Hour: Challenge (The Opening of the Cavern)
Class 22: The Elenth Hour: Passage (Goddess: The Starry One)
Class 23: The Twelth Hour: Challenge (The Rebirth of the Sun)
Class 24: The Twelth Hour: Passage (Goddess: Beholding the Perfection)

Workbook pages with be distributed in each class for the creation of your own personal workbook.

2023 Schedule

Tuesdays 10 am – 12:00 pm EST
(3:00 – 5:00 pm BST in Wales)
May 2 – October 31, 2023
No class August 15, August 22, or October 3 2023

Register early! Course is limited to 8 participants to maximize individual experience
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Seeking Sacred Source

A meditative journey to explore the gateways and threasholds to the deepest truth of the Self through art, symbol, oracles, and collage (Please note, price is in US dollars and covers the full cost for all 24 classes – about $16/class)