Soul Alchemist Group Therapy

A multi-faceted, multi-dimensional approach to inner work and emotional healing

Embark on your journey to self-knowledge and healing
with Soul Alchemist Group Therapy

Two sessions starting December 2022.
Thursday mornings (10 am – 12 pm EST) & Saturday afternoons (2 – 4 pm EST)

Using The Great Work: Self-Knowledge and Healing Through the Wheel of the Year and The Noble Art: From Shadow to Essence Through the Wheel of the Year to provide a framework for the inner journey and the Soul Alchemist Journal to track the experience, this year long journey invites the development of a deep and courageous relationship with self.

Forging the Alchemical Crucible: December 15/December 17, 2022

Cycle 1: Roots and Foundations (GW); From Risk to Release (NA)
Activating the Spark of Essence Within: December 29/December 31, 2022
Exploring Family-of-Origin, Ancestral Legacy, and Original Pain: January 12/January 14, 2023
Claiming the Precious Prima Materia (Creating the Values Diamond): January 26/January 28, 2023

Cycle 2: Gifts from the Inner Child (GW); The Narcissist/Empath Spectrum (NA)
Activating the Child Within: February 2/February 4, 2023
Exploring Codependency, Emotional Fluency, and Healthy Feelings: February 16/February 18, 2023
Dissolving Barriers to Our Needs (Building Your Personal Emotion Hive) March 9/March 11, 2023

Cycle 3: Nurturing Empowerment and Self-Esteem (GW); New Paths to Dispute Resolution (NA)
Activating the Older Child Within: March 23/March 25, 2023
Exploring the Difference between Defenses and Boundaries: March 30/April 1, 2023
Separating Self from Other (Many Paths, One Journey): April 6/April 8, 2023

Cycle 4: Union and Partnerships (GW); Fanning Your Spark into Flame (NA)
Activating the Adolescent Within: May 4/May 6, 2023
Exploring the Impact of Core Issues: May 18/May 20, 2023
Kindling Core Meaning (Claiming the Three Fires): June 1/June 3, 2023

Cycle 5: Shining Our Truth and Creativity (GW); From Mask to Mandala (NA)
Activating the Adult: June 22/June 24, 2023
Exploring Subpersonalities, Masks, and Inner Family Systems: July 6/July 8, 2023
Melting the Barriers to Self-Expression (Crafting the Mandala of Self): July 20/July 22, 2023

Cycle 6: Visioning Self (GW); The Cultivation of Resilience (NA)
Activating the Older Adult Within: August 10/August 19, 2023
Exploring the Impact of Core Negative Beliefs: August 31/September 2, 2023
Distilling Vision for Manifestation (Sacred Self Vision Statement): September 14/September 16, 2023

Cycle 7: Effects of Gratitude on Life Purpose (GW); From Wounded to Wonder (NA)
Activating the Elder Within: September 28/September 30, 2023
Exploring Life Purpose, Higher Purpose, Sacred Purpose: October 12/October 14, 2023
Claiming the Philosopher’s Stone (Drafting an Illumined Contract): October 26/October 28, 2023

Cycle 8: Healing from Loss (GW); From Despair to Transmutation (NA)
Activating the Stillness Within: November 2/November 4, 2023
Exploring Ungrieved Losses and Wholeness: November 16/November 18, 2023
Preparing for the Sacred Return (Entering the Holiest of Holies): November 30/December 2, 2023

Releasing the Alchemical Crucible: December 7/December 9, 2023

Can you hear the call of your soul?

Soul Alchemist Group Therapy

A year long, 26 session deep dive into your psyche in alignment with the cycle of the seasons. ($50 x 26 sessions) Please note that fee includes the download key to the Soul Alchemist Journal for use to track your experiences. If preferred, arrangements can be made to purchase a physical copy of the journal. (Please note, price is in US dollars)


Please note that cost is in US dollars which translates to $65 x 26 in Canadian dollars. Applicable taxes will be applied to Canadian participants. Please also note that Ontario participants can submit group therapy costs to insurance provider.

To make special payment arrangements, please email
tiffanylazic@soulalchemistacademy. com

Soul Alchemist Journal

A full colour, hard copy of the Soul Alchemist Journal. Pick up can be arranged in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. For all other locations, additional shipping charges may apply. Cost: US$30/ Cdn$40/£25