The Empowerment Path

Divine Language of Archetype and Symbol

The Spiritual Language of Symbols
24 hours over 8 classes

Spirit always communicates through symbol. Not in obvious evidence but in subtle, often multi-layered meaning. One of the biggest challenges for seekers and healers alike is how to interpret the messages and omens sent. Though focusing on inner guidance for interpretation can give a degree of insight, there is a long history of tradition that provides an incredible depth to working with symbol, laying a solid foundation upon which to build and inviting rich fluency in personal interpretation.
* Symbols, Signs, and Omens
* Symbolic Structure and Systems
* Archetypes and Dreams

The Quest and the Soul’s Journey
24 hours over 8 classes

History is abundant with variations on the tale of the heroic journey. The stages necessary to move from the clouds of unknowing to the clarity of brilliant self-understanding. Not only do these markers along the path indicate the way to self-knowledge, many traditions reflect these paths hold the key to manifestation itself, in all its forms. Explore the history and varied paths of the sacred journey to Self.
* Alchemy, Hermetics, and the Hero/Hera Journey
* Pathworking with Qabala and Chakras

Cultivation of Divine Connection
24 hours over 8 classes

Using intuitive tools to connect with the Divine is a practice that goes back thousands of years and touches every country in the world. The intent for Divine connection may be common ground to diverse cultures, but the oracular form shifts and changes as one travels around the globe. As done by those intrepid “Around the World in 80 Days” adventurers, we will climb into our ‘hot air balloon’ and set off to explore many lands and their specific, unique intuitive tools. Working with varied forms of guidance is also presented.
* Runes, Ogham, I Ching, Tarot, and Oracles
* Animal, Elemental, Angelic, and Spirit Guides

Task for Empowerment Path:
Crafting a Personal Narrative

Drawing on the information presented in all the classes, craft your own hero/hera narrative including leaving the ordinary world, guides, archetypal characters met and significant messages from the Divine received along the way. Explore and embrace the mythic aspects of your life.

2022 – 2023 Schedule

Saturdays 10 am – 1 pm EST

Total hours for Empowerment Path: 72 hours (3 sections of 24 hours each)

Spiritual Language of Symbols
May 13 – July 15, 2023
No class May 27, June 3, July 1
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Quest and Soul’s Journey
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Cultivation of Divine Connection
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Soul Alchemist Academy Empowerment Path

The full Empowerment Path Program. 3 Units on Symbol and Oracle. Overview of symbols as the language of the Divine. Comparative symbology and working with different divination systems. (72 hours) (Please note, price is in US dollars)


Spiritual Language of Symbols

Tuning the ear to interpret universal signs and symbols. (24 hours) (Please note, price is in US dollars)


Quest and the Soul’s Journey

Presentation of the many variations of the archetypal journey through life’s passages (24 hours) (Please note, price is in US dollars)


Cultivation of Divine Connection

Introduction to the wealth of Divination systems from around the world. (24 hours) (Please note, price is in US dollars)


“When we are armed with the knowledge of the strengths we have at our disposal and the wisdom that comes from looking at what was gained through all our experiences, the human journey is truly a rewarding and fulfilling one. When we have plumbed our own depths to excavate the truth of our hearts and souls, there is nothing on this earth that can shake us. Doing this work is arguably the most important work we can do. This is The Great Work.”

~ Tiffany Lazic, The Great Work