The Liminal Path

Entering the Mystery and Psychopomp Work
13 classes of 2.5 hours each

The Wisdom of the Past
3 classes

The past is rich with traditions and teachings that strove to penetrate the deepest mysteries of life. Esoteric and arcane wisdom sought to pierce the veil of the unknowable, particularly the greatest of mysteries – what happens when we die. This course presents the major ancient Mystery Schools and their key salient ideas and philosophies regarding the nature of life, death, and the reality of existence.
* Ancient Mystery Schools and Their Teachings
* Cross-cultural Books of the Dead
* Rituals and Traditions for Caring for the Dead

The Wisdom of the Dark
7 classes

If the Mystery Schools and their texts set out to explore the nature of the unknown and the dark shadowy places that sit at the edges of conscious awareness, a significant part of the wisdom they imparted was how to navigate the potentially treacherous transitions between the realms of ordinary and non-ordinary consciousness. Coupling ancient wisdom with modern psychotherapeutic theory, this course presents the core soul tasks at times of transformation and release.
* Dark Nights of the Soul
* Addiction and Spirituality
* The Darkness of Difficult Emotions
* The Dark Fortress of Defenses
* The Dark Behind the Mask
* Bringing the Light of Essence to the Dark
* Releasing to the Here and Now

Becoming a Modern Psychopomp
3 classes

The ancient Greeks referred to those unique beings who served as the guides of souls from the realm of the living to that of the Otherworldly as Psychopomps. Not limited to the Greeks, most cultures around the world had one or many of these gods, goddesses, and daemons to help newly dead souls traverse the in-between places. This course offers a toolkit for the modern Psychopomp to provide the key concepts, techniques, and equipment to facilitate holding safe and sacred space for those in transition, whether that be through the dark of a tough time, through the dark of a significant life change or the contemplation of the final end.
* Meeting the Cross-cultural Psychopomps
* Providing Presence in Troubled Times
* Tools of Spiritual Direction

Task for Liminal Path:
Crafting a psychopomp ritual including a personal eulogy

Drawing on the information presented in all the classes, craft a ritual that honours a significant ending in your life – this could be the imagining of your own transition into death – including a eulogy or other soul-inspired testimonial-type writing. (For those taking the entire Liminal Path Course)

2023 – 2024 Schedule

Mondays 10 am – 1 pm EST

Total hours for Liminal Path: 32.5 hours

Wisdom of the Past
September 18 – October 16, 2023

Wisdom of the Dark
October 30 – December 4, 2023

Becoming a Modern Psychopomp
January 8 – 22, 2024

Soul Alchemist Academy Liminal Path

The full Liminal Path Program. 3 Units on elements to support being a hand in the dark. Overview of ancient wisdom traditions and Mystery Schools, maps for navigating the unknown, the many cross-cultural faces of psychopomps and how to hold safe and sacred space for those encountering the dark places. (32.5 hours) (Please note, price is in US dollars)


Soul Alchemist Academy Individual Class

To attend to class in person or have access to the recording to watch at your leisure.


“Such times – like the Void, the Bardo, the Unknown – can be met with fear, oppression, and the need to control. Or they can be met with strength and patience, understanding and courage. Such times are uncomfortable, at times devastating, but they do have the potential to move us through the void of uncertainty into the birth of new possibility, inviting us to revive, to come back to full life. They do have the potential to be the excruciating labor pains of a future we can dare to dream possible.”

~ Tiffany Lazic, The Noble Art